Luis Nobre

Thief, Bankrupt and Convicted Fraudster

Louis Nobre

The story so far.......

As part of an extensive investigation into the activities of a UK registered company, Equity Trading Systems Limited (formerly known as Larn Limited, and a company that was placed into administration in May 2012, and subsequently into liquidation), and its sole director, Louis Nobre, many individuals and corporate entities have been investigated, interviewed by the Liquidator of the company, interviewed by the Metropolitan Police in respect of money laundering offences, proceeds of crime and corporate fraud (and subsequently arrested and charged), pursued by the Liquidator to recover the funds.

On 9th February 2016, Louis (Luis) Augustus Ramos Nobre was convicted for the following 9 counts (a comprehensive list of which can be found under the ‘Downloads’ link):

  • Count one (acquiring criminal property) - 12 years’ imprisonment;
  • Count two (transferring criminal property) - 12 years’ imprisonment concurrent;
  • Count three (transferring criminal property) - seven years’ imprisonment concurrent;
  • Count four (transferring criminal property) - seven years’ imprisonment concurrent;
  • Count five (transferring criminal property) - seven years’ imprisonment concurrent;
  • Count six (transferring criminal property) - seven years’ imprisonment concurrent;
  • Counts seven (possession of articles for use in connection with a fraud) - two years’ imprisonment consecutive to count 1;
  • Count eight (possession of articles for use in connection with a fraud) - two years’ imprisonment concurrent;
  • Count nine (possession of articles for use in connection with a fraud) - two years’ imprisonment concurrent.

Additionally, the court disqualified Nobre from being a director of a company for 15 years. This is the maximum term that a person can be disqualified from being a company director.

Nobre was made bankrupt, in April 2015, for many millions and despite his claims of being a hugely wealthy individual, the trustees have yet to find evidence of him having a penny to his name.

Initially arrested in December 2011, Nobre had at that time lived the life of a person of great means: living out of apartments in 5* hotels, spending vast sums of money on high quality clothing and at exclusive restaurants. He presented himself as a wealthy businessman, a “Tier 1 trader” with the lifestyle that came with it.

The truth of the matter is that Nobre was little more than a fraudster, living off of ill-gotten gains, having hawked fake bonds, to his victims: living the high life, but not paying his exorbitant hotel bills and amassing huge debts wherever he went.

One of a group of international fraudsters involved in defrauding the victims, in this case, of 100 million euros, Nobre was not only the ‘face’ of this elaborate scam, but also the recipient of the funds. Through contacts in the Vatican and the Federal Reserve in America, Nobre claiming to be a great “Tier 1 trader”, duping the victims into believing that he could make profits of 1200% on their investment.

When police were informed of the fraudulent transaction, 88 million euros of the fund were frozen, however, 12 million euro had already gone astray, with a portion of the funds having been processed through the international bank accounts of Buddika Kaduragamuwa, who herself has been found guilty of one count of transacting fraudulent property.

Nobre also disseminated the monies to various individuals including a Clair Marc Darmudas, William (Bill) Boehringer II and a Michael Henri Amar (supposedly a Swiss financier) all of whom are currently in hiding.

Also, on the run is a Marek Andrzej Rejniak, who is believed to be one of the masterminds behind this fraud.

The principle objective is to recover individuals the funds payable under the terms of the judgement for the benefit of the creditors. To do so, we would invite anyone and everyone who has knowledge of the business activities, whereabouts or assets of those named here, to contact us with whatever such information they have available. Please contact us at